Super fun, great atmosphere

A curious series of uncontrollable events directed my wife and me to find ourselves in San Miguel, Cozumel, for several days. We heard about a British Bar nearby to where we were staying and decided to give it a go. We’re certainly glad we did. In fact, we went to The Tavern on many occasions during our stay. We were delighted with the standard of meals, drinks, prices, and support.

The back patio is excellent and has a gorgeous fountain too. Friday night had live music (The Three Amigos, I think) and we both really enjoyed the mix of rock and guitar, superb music. All in all, The Bar is perfect and worth calling into. Some guys there recommended us to take a jeep to punta sur eco-park royal caribbean very close to our hotel. Sounds fun!

We wandered in here after a few weeks of Mexican food to locate something different. We’re surprised to find it full of mostly ex-pats and very few tourists. Tons of Spanish in addition to English being spoken. Children are running around. Sports TV on. And also a big outdoor space. We enjoyed it. We ordered fish and chips — thick on the breading, but fish was excellent. Fries were great.

Stopped in here during a rainstorm and were pleasantly surprised. Food was quite good. We sat out to a covered deck, but more seats were available in a garden-like atmosphere but unfortunately It was raining so hard we could not get out there.

The steak and chicken pot pies are made to order and are every bit worth the wait! The beverages are plentiful, and the bartenders definitely do not skimp on the alcohol! All the staff are friendly and make you feel at home. I guarantee YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

This year makes 40 years I have been coming to Cozumel, yes lots of changes, when there’s a problem. I’m the first to let you know, but I really do want to state, every year because they’ve been available,4 years today, nothing has changed, I’m not a big drinker but being away from home, I miss home cooked, meals. So that I go to the pub to get a great meal, and very reasonable, both owner, husband and wife, work their tail off, to make things such as home for the tourists latino or American, Canadian or from Europe.

The pub has a ring on Friday nights, and during soccer, they have large screen tv and, tv in front of the pub and even have one outside during Super Bowl. I remain here 4 months per year, and I will honestly tell you, don’t miss out at least visit one time. You won’t be sorry.