Great bar and guacamole

We found Habaneros grill 5 decades ago during our final cruise to Mexico. We came here today hoping to locate it and luckily for us it is still here. To our surprise, Marbella is still behind the pub and serving what we think are the best Margaritas in Mexico. The ambiance is lovely and feels different from the other more touristy bars.

Fun place with huge and swings margaritas. Dollar bills all around the walls along with your name and where you’re from! Interesting time for ALL doesn’t leave without a visit! Yes, they Must Go Cups! Ask how you can get a free shot!

Excellent guacamole, and lots of it! Loved our stop in to swing at the pub and eat some delicious fish tacos and guacamole. One order of each fed us very well. Plentiful servings, type stuff, and a fun place to be. The waiter told us about how to get to el cielo beach also named as the lost paradise in Cozumel. We’ll definitely be doing that.

We stumbled upon this place while at the port on a cruise. We were trying to find a place to find a margarita and were drawn in by the music. The atmosphere here is, and we love the swings at the pub. Margaritas and daiquiris are awesome! We highly suggest that you stop by if in Cozumel!

You sit in a swing in the bar top. Hubs and I came here for a fast snack and drink, and we adored it. The bartender did a great job, and the drinks and food were superb! Muy Bien Habaneros!

The Beatty Scuba Squad stopped by Habaneros upon recommendation by PlongĂ©e Grand Cozumel and Agave Azul Hotel. They didn’t disappoint! The sex on the beach drink is primo! The queso fundido and Coctel de Camarones was beautiful. Stop in and have a relaxing drink and comida!

So glad we stumbled upon this place while walking around downtown. I loved the uniqueness of this bar…. swingset bar seats and walls covered in graffitied $1 bills. The moment the bartender saw me take a $1, then he brought the sharpies over so that I could decorate it. Then we must glue it to the pub and leave our mark on Cozumel! A super fun spot to stop and grab a drink!